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hello my name is gladys-i lost my job in september-and been on my job for 29 years-they closed the company down and lefted me with nothing-i have a 16 year old daughter and 4 grand kids-right now i have nothing to give them - this is my worst year i lost my sister my only sister-i have no brothers-i also lost both of my friends-then i went in the hospital for two tuma in my breast-so really this is my worst year-if you could help me out with anything it would deeply be appreciated i'm praying that i could end this year off with a smile on my face-i know theres bigger problems out there but if you could help me i know it would come from your heart and if you cant i understand-my grans are-1,4,9,11-i love them all very much-my daughter is in the 11th grade she is doing real good-she has been working her butt off this year so i really would love to give her a good christmas also she has been through alot trying to help me through everything that went on this year. I live in bklyn, ny-THANK YOU AND HAVE A NICE HOLIDAY

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Good luck to you, your daughter and grandchildren. Please make contact wiht the Department of social services in your area for help. Hopefully your New year will start off being more bright, I believe that it will. Take care of those grandchildren and continue to provide your daughter with as much sussport as possible. Please thank God for the good as well as the bad. He know that you are in need of his attention.

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